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To create a new POP Email account for your domain, please login to your C-Panel and follow the below steps:

1. Login to C-Panel
2. Click on the Mail Tab
3. Click Create Email Address
4. Enter the name for the email address
5. Enter the Password for the email address
6. Confirm the password for the email address
7. Click Ok

To configure your email account on a device you will need to know the below settings:

- Email Account Type:  POP 3
- Email Address: the address you just created
- Email User name: this is the full email address you just created
- Email Password: the password that you set for the email address you just created
- Incoming Mail Server: (or
- Outgoing Mail Server: this is set by your internet provider, please see below the common providers in Australia, if your provider does not appear please contact your internet provider to request this information:

AAPT :  
Bigpond/Telstra :      
Dodo :     
iiNet :   
Optusnet :   
TPG :          
Virgin Mobile 3G:   
Vodafone 3G:

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