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If you currently subscribe to our POP3 email product.  This service requires that your emails can only be sent via your Internet Service Provider's outgoing mail server.  The outgoing mail server may change depending on your location.  For example if you use Telstra Bigpond at home your outgoing mail server will be, however if you then use Optus at work, your outgoing mail server will need to be changed to  

To resolve your issue, please check that your outgoing mail server is set to the correct outgoing mail server for the internet connection you are currently connected to.

Please see below the common providers in Australia, if your provider does not appear please contact your internet provider to request this information:
AAPT :         
Bigpond/Telstra :      
Dodo :            
iiNet :            
Optusnet :     
TPG :                
Virgin Mobile 3G:   
Vodafone 3G:

If your Outgoing Server is correct, please contact your Internet Service Provider to ensure they are not experiencing any current outages with their services.

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